Reading Difficulty and Double Vision

Today’s studies indicate that about one in four children have vision disorders that interfere with their ability to learn in school. Children who have a hard time reading and completing assignments, or who have become uninterested in reading, most likely have dyslexia or double vision disorder. These conditions usually cause eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches […]

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Concussion and Eyesight Consequences

The prevalence of vision problems after concussions may be as high as sixty-nine percent. Functional vision problems relating to concussions can be incapacitating, severely impacting your ability to work, learn, and live normally. The good news is that concussion-related functional vision problems can be treated with vision therapy. What are the functional vision problems caused […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Sports Injuries and Orbital Fractures

Sports can be rough. The impact of sports injuries can be severe and life-changing. That’s why it’s important to understand various injuries involving the eye, and when you need to, call in the physicians at Eyesight MD for immediate help. In the front of the skull is the orbit, a boney pocket that creates a […]

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