Amblyopia vs. Strabismus

Many people can’t tell the difference between amblyopia and strabismus. These two functional visual problems usually share a lot of similar characteristics. This article has produced a comparison of the two conditions which will help you easily tell the difference of amblyopia from strabismus. The difference between amblyopia and strabismus Amblyopia is a visual problem […]

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My Child Has Strabismus. Now What?

Strabismus is a visual condition where a person’s eyes misalign and each of them point in a different direction than the other. While one eye may seem to be looking straight ahead, the other might have turned upwards, downwards, inwards or even outwards. The misalignment of the eye turning in a different direction than the […]

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The Long-Term Benefits of Strabismus Surgery

Undergoing strabismus surgery is one of the most reliable treatments for strabismus. Other treatments are based on the type of strabismus condition a person is suffering from. Additional factors that are taken into consideration include: amblyopia, convergence insufficiency or double vision. Vision therapy is one of the non-surgical treatment options that is available and can […]

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