How Multiple Sclerosis Can Affect Eyes in Respect to Double Vision

Vision and eye problems are common among people with multiple sclerosis, also known as “MS”. They are often the first symptoms of MS, but can happen later in the course of the disease as well. Some of the eye complications associated with MS include double vision and optic neuritis. These two symptoms can occur acutely […]

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Development of Vision in Infants

One of the best moments when having a child is the first time your newborn daughter or son opens their eyes and makes eye contact with you. But don’t be concerned if that does not happen right away. The visual system of a newborn infant will take some time to develop. Babies don’t see much […]

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How to Treat Your Winter Eye Allergy Symptoms

Whether you are out in the cold winter air or cleaning your home, allergens spring up throughout the year. They trigger allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing and swollen eyes. Allergies could cause the eyes to swell and become watery, itchy, red, itchy and extremely uncomfortable. Are you experiencing these symptoms? Read below! Eye allergies, which […]

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