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Cosmetic Products and Our Eye Health

Cosmetic Products and Our Eye Health

The eyes happen to be one of the most important organs in the human body and therefore should be given maximum care always. They are a significant part of the human face that’s always adorned with all kinds of makeup: mascara, eye liner, etc. But are these products safe to use and can one accidentally poke their eyes using the mascara applicator?

Each day, new beauty products are being launched that are better than the previous ones. The concern is that sometimes better means more chemicals are added into the products, and this is turn can trigger allergic reactions to the user. When trying new products, it’s good to be extra cautious. Apart from allergic reactions, you stand a greater risk of getting an eye infection.

The saying “beauty is pain,” happens to be a common slogan in the beauty industry. However, these are not the words one should live by, considering the health of your eyes. What are the types of cosmetics that we use on our eyes most of the time: colored contact lenses, false eyelashes, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, eye pencils etc.?


Over the years, many lovers of eye liner have adopted the dangerous habit of applying the eyeliners in the eyes or on the rims of their eyelids (waterline). When done perfectly, the results are superb and stunning, but the whole process is very risky to one’s eyes. Studies and research show that most eyeliner particles navigate to the tear film located over the cornea compared to other makeup that is applied around the eyes. This means you are at higher risk of suffering from infections and serious eye irritations.

Eyelash Extensions and False Eyelashes

Many of us when considering eyelash extensions assume that the only risk is having an allergic reaction to the glue. Far from it, the glue doesn’t cause allergic reactions to many people unless you have sensitive skin, still these false eyelashes are risky. Using the fake eyelashes frequently will have a negative health impact on your natural eyelashes. The roots get damaged and hence they start falling off. When the roots are damaged they create breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, hence possible eye infections in future.

Colored Contacts

Contact lenses might not be considered to be a cosmetic since they are medical aid devices. They are on the list since many people use them for cosmetic purposes and not medical purposes. Hence subjecting themselves to considerably higher risks. Buying unprescribed colored contacts is very dangerous since the size of the eyeball varies. If you don’t get the correct fit of contacts, you can suffer from serious eye complications, trauma, inflammation and even cause damage to the cornea and/or eyelids. The other risk is that you don’t know how clean the colored contacts are if you buy them online or with no prescription. Dirty contacts will cause conjunctivitis (pink eyes) or corneal ulcers.

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